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Rainbow Dash meets the team.

Who is Brolly? Brolly appears as a background pegasus pony in ‘Sonic Rainboom’ and helps lift the unconscious Wonderbolts from Dash’s back. He’ll get more screentime in the future, since a season 4 episode entitled “Brolly’s Day” is slated to air on the HUB with the description ‘Brolly turns to the crusaders for help when he is unable to find a suitable gift for Twilight Sparkle’s wedding.’ 

Who is Derpy Hooves? Here’s her MLP wiki page in case you’ve been living under a rock in Ghastly Gorge: [link]

Who is Firefly? She’s a G1 pegasus pony who had quite a bit of screentime in the original show and movies. She was Lauren Faust’s favorite pony as a little girl and served as the conceptual basis for G4’s Rainbow Dash. Read more about her here: [link]

Who is Argie Ribbs? ‘Baby Ribbs’ is the only male pegasus toy that Hasbro has ever produced and has a fire-breathing dragon as a cutie mark. His color scheme in this comic is based on the Argentinian version of the toy, hence his first name “Argie”. Read more about him here: [link]

Who is Surprise? Surprise is a G1 pegasus pony who, at one point, was lined up to fill the ‘energetic prankster’ role in MLP FiM but was replaced by Pinkie Pie. Read more about her G1 counterpart here: [link]